Perfect Shape: the Method

Perfect Shape, in every way and kind of course, is a quick, modern, simple and effective system to reach and cultivate Health, Strength, Physical Development and Longevity. Born from a brilliant intuition, derived from the best training-sport methods ever designed. Perfect Shape is a complete and detailed method, suited to men and women of all ages, rich with advices of priceless value to reach a complete physical, mental and energetic well-being. This fantastic system has been structured as to build and tone all muscles in just 14 weeks, in a sequential fashion and according to the physiological rules of movement, but most importantly without using any equipment and artificial loads. You can check your own improvement trough this table.

The main goal of Perfect Shape is to promote a fundamental change in those who practice it, bringing them closer to the ideal of perfection: a man and a woman who are “present and aware”, symmetrical, structurally and mentally strong, and filled with a magnetism that is characteristic of those who live with an extra ‘gear’. Therefore, besides the original exercises, Perfect Shape offers detailed information on nutrition, personal hygiene, the important of the correct rest, and valuable advice to enrich and complete your personality day by day. As it has been occurred to thousands of people, for you. too, Perfect Shape will contribute to strengthen, if not even create, that particular determination that is typical of a brilliant personality.


Now you may ask yourself: how can physical activity influence my personality? Well, no aspect of your personality will ever remain separate from any of your actions. Therefore I ask you: why not take advantage of these possibilities to enrich your spirit through your body? From this point of view, Perfect Shape has a unique value! Physical health fortifies the mind as well as mental health fortifies the body. “True success is but the complete development of oneself“.


It takes only three months to see a significant change in your body and mind.


Visible results after just few movements of the method.


It does not need any gym equipment and can be done in any place and by anyone.


It is based on the best and most advanced training methods.